Adventures in letterpress printing

As mentioned in my last post, I attended my first ever letterpress workshop at Snap + Tumble few Saturdays ago now. It was wonderful to finally experience first-hand the beauty of letterpress printing, and as predicted, I fell in love! I got to use both wood and metal type and two different presses. 

The wood type was used on a small proofing press called Showcard. I chose to print an uplifting word using an energizing shade of red. Here is the final product.

The rest of my paper goods were printed on a Chandler & Price 6 1/2 x 10 platen press. I found this press surprisingly easy to operate, although a step-by-step instruction was invaluable. I really enjoyed printing on the C&P and if I had to choose between the two presses I got to use, I would definitely pick this one!

Here are few pieces of stationery I printed on this press. The impression was tactile and quite lovely.

And how great is this little note?

I'm very happy I was able to take this workshop and finally get my hands dirty actually printing, as opposed to reading and daydreaming about it. And now the urge to get my own press is even stronger!