In the best company!

I have been immersed in this book for weeks now! I'm talking about "In the Company of Women" by Grace Bonney. I'm nearing the end of it and just the thought of finishing this book makes me sad. When that happens I may have to start from the beginning again!

This book is a wonderful gathering of conversations with creative women and entrepreneurs from all walks of life. From writers to graphic designers to painters, ceramic artists, musicians, textile designers, interior designers, you name it! 

The book is filled with advice and inspiration for aspiring small business owners. I can see a lot of myself in some of the women featured in the book. Reading through their answers to Grace's questions, I see similarities in the way of thinking about life and creative career. I also spot the same fears or concerns. But what I love the most about these women's stories, are the words of inspiration that they share - their favourite quotes, sayings, words of wisdom that were passed down from family members. Here is my favourite by my already all time favourite Ralph Waldo Emerson:

And as I'm reading through this book, I'm thinking back to how I got started doing what I love - letterpress printing! I'm thinking back to how my husband and I transported my 700 lb antique printing press on the back of our pickup truck from Toronto to Ottawa on a beautiful sunny day three years ago now. It's good to remember those moments and reflect back on them so that we don't forget why we started.

Just recently I printed the print pictured below featuring another beautiful quote by Emerson. "In the Company of Women" showcases women who did what they were afraid to do (most of the time) and the amazing paths those decisions led them onto.