Little square card

I still remember very vividly printing this little card for the first time. I just purchased my press, I received a “new” set of antique metal type, and I was so excited to put it all to work! I cut the paper to proper size. I set the text in metal type, by hand, letter by letter. I struggled a little to make it all fit and to lock the design in the chase of the press. But after some trial and error, I was able to make it work and turn the flywheel of my beautiful Pearl to produce this tangible result.

There is nothing like that clicking sound of the press in motion and the beauty of the print (that you can feel) at the end of it all. This is what made me fall in love with letterpress and what will forever keep me printing.

Lately, there has been some interest in this little square card in my Etsy shop and that makes my heart so happy. To think that this is one of the very first designs I printed on my press, and that a couple of years later clients recognize the beauty of it too, is so very special. Thank you for that.