Welcome to my studio!

Here is a 'behind the scenes' look into my creative space. It is close quarters, but I was able to maximize the space I have and create a studio that works for me.


A desk with a computer and enough space for trimming paper and scoring cards is a must.


I also have a little station that I use for setting and locking type or when working with polymer plates. This is also where I store my printing supplies.


And then there is my favourite corner of the room where my beautiful Golding Pearl Improved No. 11 stands proudly. She is very size-efficient when it comes to how much space she actually occupies, but don't be fooled, she still weighs over 700 lbs!


And then there is anything from inks and metal type to books and inspiring prints. 

I really like seeing the spaces that other artists use for their creative processes and I hope you also enjoyed this tour of my little print studio. And although I daydream of having a larger and better lit space, I love this room with all my heart.

The Canadian Collective

impressus is now a proud member of The Canadian Collective, an Etsy seller support group and community of wonderful and tremendously talented Canadian artisans.

The Canadian Collective has recently launched a new monthly feature on their blog called "In the Spotlight". The star of January's edition was Kathleen Maunder from Trowel and Paintbrush, a watercolour artist from Montreal. Check out The Canadian Collective's website to read up on Kathleen's creative process and to find out more about this fantastic group. 

Images source: http://www.thecanadiancollective.com/

Images source: http://www.thecanadiancollective.com/

Working with wood veneer

Before I had my own press, I came across images of letterpress printed wood veneer items. They looked so original and different. That is when I realized that letterpress printing does not have to be limited to using paper as the printer's 'canvass'. Printing on wood veneer seemed like such a brilliant idea! 

Now that I am able to print myself, I love using wood veneer for my prints. I get my veneer sheets from Lee Valley and they have a number of options to choose from. The fact that you can get veneer in different colours and textures makes the brainstorming of project ideas even more fun. 

Below are few examples of my projects featuring wood veneer:

anais nin quote - wood veneer
merry christmas - wood veneer tags
maya angelou quote - wood veneer
anais nin quote - wood veneer 2
listen to your heart - wood veneer
maya angelou quote - wood veneer 2

Wood veneer is much more forgiving than cotton paper when it comes to even impression. It also has this charming rustic feel and could be used in many projects, from business cards to wedding invitations. Definitely one of my recent favourites. 

Out with the old, in with the new.

As a lot of us are today, I am also reflecting back on this year that is about to end. And what a year this has been! I took a letterpress workshop in March, acquired my own press in July, and for the past few months invested all of my energy into shaping and designing my dream...which I named Impressus.

I created my website and designed and printed my business cards. I learned a lot about branding, networking and entrepreneurship...and I have so much more to learn. I also participated in my first craft shows this Christmas and experienced for myself how amazing the handmade community is. 

2014 has been good to me and I have so many plans and aspirations for 2015. I want to keep this momentum going and, yes... I plan to aim for the stars! I also know that none of those dreams will come true on their own. Working hard and dreaming big is the key to success, whatever that success might be. Here is to the New Year!


One of my heroes

Maya Angelou has always been one of my heroes. I was heartbroken when I learned of her passing few months ago now. Luckily, she left us with her amazing body of work and numerous quotes, like this one, which inspire us to always look forward and strive for more.


I printed this quote using 100% cotton paper and a photopolymer plate. No ink was used during the printing process, which resulted in a delicate blind impression. 

We {heart} letterpress

impressus is now listed on We {heart} letterpress! This is a great new website for both letterpress printers and lovers alike. It features self-completed interviews with letterpress printers across the globe as well as an international printers' registry.

You can read my interview here

Image source: http://weloveletterpress.com/

Image source: http://weloveletterpress.com/

The top 10 things you shouldn't say to an artisan...ever.

I recently learned about the Capital Artisans Guild in Ottawa. I decided to check out their website to find out a bit more about their organization. By the way, their Last-Minute Christmas Craft Show is on this weekend, December 13-14, in Ottawa. You may want to check it out!

While visiting their website though, I stumbled upon this clever list of "Top 10 things you shouldn't say to an artisan". I especially like (and can relate to) # 9 and # 8. Yes, I have been told and asked that already :) 

Image credit: www.capitalartisansguild.org

Image credit: www.capitalartisansguild.org