The MAC FAIR experience

This past Saturday, December 6, impressus was part of the MAC FAIR Christmas Craft Show, an annual event that supports the Immaculata High School in Ottawa. The admission fees collected at the doors went towards their Christmas Hamper Program, which provides nutritious food to hungry families within their school community. 

The event was a huge success with over 2,000 Christmas shoppers coming by to check out the show. There was so much talent in the room and I really enjoyed being able to walk around (during a short break) and check out the handmade goodness offered by other artisans. I'm glad that Impressus was part of this show and that, in a very small way, I was able to support this local school community and their social justice program.  

Here are few photos from the show.


Hidden Gems

I have been awaiting the December issue of Ottawa Woman magazine as per my post from few weeks ago. Well, it was published today and impressus was featured in the article entitled "Hidden Gems". I am so grateful and honoured. It is wonderful to read the positive things Lynn had to say about my paper goods and to be featured alongside other talented artists. I am thankful for having been noticed as there truly are so many talented crafts people out there who often foster their creativity out of their basements or homes, in their free time, while maintaining full time jobs that pay the bills. They put in the time and effort because they love to create. And the community craft shows, such as the Gowling Christmas Craft Show where I met Lynn, are a wonderful avenue for people like myself to share their work with others and to, hopefully, inspire a person or two. I am so thrilled that I inspired Lynn.

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MAC FAIR "Cheer" Christmas Edition 2014

Today I got invited to be a part of the MAC FAIR 2014 Christmas Craft Show, which will take place on Saturday, December 6, 2014 at Immaculata High School (140 Main Street, Ottawa, Ontario). I am very excited and grateful for the opportunity to be a part of an impressive line-up of over 100 local vendors. It is going to be an amazing show!

The MAC FAIR is organized twice a year, on the first Saturday of December for their Christmas Show, and on the Saturday before Mother's Day for their Mother's Day Show. Both shows are organized in order to help students in need within their school's community. The profits from the admission fee (only $1.00) for their Christmas Show will go towards their Christmas Hamper Program, which supports those in need, especially during the Holidays. What a wonderful cause! For more information about MAC FAIR shows, check out their website:

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Something about the details

I like taking photos of my cards. I like staging little vignettes to tell a story, to add context to my paper goods, to make certain colours pop or to emphasize an aspect of the design. It is fun and it is gratifying once I post the photos on my Etsy page or website. 

I took some photos of my Christmas cards last weekend and only got to edit them today. But during this process I stumbled upon few cool detail shots that I won't necessarily use for my Etsy posts. So I thought I would put them up on the blog. I think they are pretty fun!

baker's twine
peace on earth
baker's twine 2

The beauty is in the details. I like to think so anyway...

An upcoming feature in Ottawa Woman magazine

Wow! What a lovely, and completely unexpected email did I receive the other day. Lynn Griffiths was one of those kind shoppers that came by my booth last Saturday at the Gowling Christmas Craft Show. She showered my work with compliments and bought some of my Christmas cards and gift tags printed on wood veneer. I recall having a brief chat with her about letterpress printing and my shop. But little did I know that she would write an article about the local craft shows and that she would mention me and my shop in it!

As it came out, Lynn is a columnist at the Ottawa Woman magazine, a monthly publication that celebrates the achievements of women in the community. The article will be published in a week or so and I simply can't wait to get my hands on a printed copy. 

I am so ecstatic about this and it is so wonderful and gratifying to hear about the positive reaction Lynn had to my work. Thank you! 

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Gowling Christmas Craft Show

I participated in my first ever craft show this past Saturday, November 15, 2014! The Gowling Christmas Craft Show took place at a local elementary school in Ottawa's west end and generated a good crowd of shoppers. impressus received many positive comments, which was wonderful to hear after many weekends spent preparing for this show. Shoppers admired the streamlined design and simplicity of my paper goods and were very impressed (no pun intended :) with the process of letterpress printing once explained. The wood veneer gift tags were very popular as well! 

Here are few photos of my booth:


In overall, it was a very positive experience and a good first impression when it comes to exhibiting my work at these types of community events. I made new friends and established few potential business relationships and really enjoyed the support offered by fellow vendors. There was a lot of talent in the room and I'm very proud of having been a part of this show. I sure hope to be back next year!

Close up and personal

I finally got a hold of a fancy professional camera and snapped few close up photos of my beautiful antique printing press. Here is the Golding Pearl Improved No.11 and all of her charming nooks and crannies. 


This is the original Golding Pearl decal on the side of the press. 


And given all the recent prep work for the upcoming (and my first!) Christmas Craft Show, I couldn't resist posting few photos of printing with red ink. Quite something, isn't it?