Life is short

Today has been difficult...I received news about a family member's health concerns via a phone call. My family is not just in a different city or country, they are on a different continent. The physical distance is difficult on a daily basis, but especially when there are problems or health issues on either end. It is tough to be away from the family network, and it seems unfair at times, especially during those difficult moments. But such is life... And then we received shocking news at work about sudden death of a certain politician. He stepped down from a public office just a month ago, ready to enjoy life after retirement. And look what happened. Such is life?

After the string of bad news today, I remembered the quote I saw on Holstee's Instagram page not too long ago:

Chase your passion, not your pension.

- Denis Waitley -

It pulled on my heart strings the first time I read it and it did the same today. This is my strong belief put into most perfect words I could never come up with myself. It talks about the internal struggle of heart and reason. It is the internal struggle that my heart and my reason seem to be involved in these days, which is way more pronounced now than ever before in my life. It might be the fact that I'm getting older and finding out for myself what is truly important in life. And it might simply be the certainty of knowing that life is short and that we should never take it for granted.