Working with wood veneer

Before I had my own press, I came across images of letterpress printed wood veneer items. They looked so original and different. That is when I realized that letterpress printing does not have to be limited to using paper as the printer's 'canvass'. Printing on wood veneer seemed like such a brilliant idea! 

Now that I am able to print myself, I love using wood veneer for my prints. I get my veneer sheets from Lee Valley and they have a number of options to choose from. The fact that you can get veneer in different colours and textures makes the brainstorming of project ideas even more fun. 

Below are few examples of my projects featuring wood veneer:

anais nin quote - wood veneer
merry christmas - wood veneer tags
maya angelou quote - wood veneer
anais nin quote - wood veneer 2
listen to your heart - wood veneer
maya angelou quote - wood veneer 2

Wood veneer is much more forgiving than cotton paper when it comes to even impression. It also has this charming rustic feel and could be used in many projects, from business cards to wedding invitations. Definitely one of my recent favourites.