Welcome to my studio!

Here is a 'behind the scenes' look into my creative space. It is close quarters, but I was able to maximize the space I have and create a studio that works for me.


A desk with a computer and enough space for trimming paper and scoring cards is a must.


I also have a little station that I use for setting and locking type or when working with polymer plates. This is also where I store my printing supplies.


And then there is my favourite corner of the room where my beautiful Golding Pearl Improved No. 11 stands proudly. She is very size-efficient when it comes to how much space she actually occupies, but don't be fooled, she still weighs over 700 lbs!


And then there is anything from inks and metal type to books and inspiring prints. 

I really like seeing the spaces that other artists use for their creative processes and I hope you also enjoyed this tour of my little print studio. And although I daydream of having a larger and better lit space, I love this room with all my heart.