The Papery

Today was a big day for me and my little business. I got to see my cards and prints displayed at The Papery, a local, well recognized and respected stationery shop in Ottawa. What a thrill!


The Papery was established in 1986 and is situated in the heart of The Glebe, one of the most beautiful and trendy neighbourhoods in Ottawa. They offer a large selection of social stationery as well as other paper products such as gift wrap, notebooks, address books and party supplies, just to name a few. Their store is a true paper haven!


I reached out to The Papery back in April and met with the owner, Cathy, soon afterwards. She liked my paper goods and expressed interest in ordering a quantity of few different designs. She particularly liked the wood veneer prints and thought they were quite unique. We decided that all prints would be in black ink and packaged with kraft envelopes. And so off I went with a smile on my face and my heart filled with gratitude. 

I  happily delivered the order yesterday and saw my cards and prints on display at the store today. Words can't describe the feeling of accomplishment that I felt when I spotted them at the front of the store with a tag "Canadian designer" tucked away in the corner of the display shelf.


I must say that my letterpress paper goods feel right at home at The Papery and that makes me immensely happy.