Ever since I've become obsessed with letterpress printing, I've been on the lookout for letterpress inspirations. I find it extremely exciting to see the work of other printers, people who have established themselves in the field and are producing amazing paper products. Occasionally, I'm overwhelmed by their genius and feel discouraged as the mountain to climb is so high. But most of the time, I'm truly impressed by what they do. I've started following a lot of different printers via Instagram and their blogs. Here is an example of what amazing work those printers are capable of producing. And this particular inspiration came in the form of a Valentine's card given to me yesterday by my wonderful husband. I absolutely love it!

This beauty of a card was made by Smock. It is letterpress printed using gold foil on bamboo paper. The note that came with the card, which introduces the printer, states "we have ink on our hands and on our hearts". How amazing is that?! Love it!

Here is to inspiration. It's always out there, we just have to keep our eyes and hearts open.