Polka dots and letterpress workshops

I'm obsessed with polka dots these days. Any colour combination will do, but the classic black on white is still my favourite. This is probably why I was so attracted to this desktop wallpaper made by A Pair of Pears. I was thrilled to stumble upon their website as it is truly fantastic!

The image itself is great, but the message is just perfect. It's something I need to remind myself of every day. "Don't compare your beginning to someone else's middle" has become my daily mantra. And this phrase will be of particular importance to me a week and a bit from now when I'll be taking my first ever letterpress workshop. I couldn't be more excited!

I had signed up for an Intro to Letterpress workshop on a Vandercook press a long time ago and only found out this week that it's cancelled due to low enrollment. Felling awfully disappointed I was committed to find another class...somewhere, somehow. And luckily enough I did! So in less than two weeks I'll be taking the Tabletop Letterpress workshop offered by Snap + Tumble. Another wonderful printer with an amazing website. I can't wait to learn the basics of letterpress printing and finally lay my hands on a tabletop press. Of course, I'll be sure to write all about my experience!